Hickory Photography


Where the Science


Capturing Light

Meets The Art

Of Creation.

In Home


Your family, your children, your home, your comfort zone.


The warmth and love found in your home creates the perfect atmosphere to depict your family.  Everyone feels comfortable at home and that relaxed feeling is revealed with in home portraiture.





Certain occasions need more than documentation. You need to capture the feeling and emotions of the event.  Life is marked by pivotal events; once in a lifetime events deserve preservation worthy of the event itself.   Be it for publicity, marketing, or personal use, your event will have the professional documentation with all the class you would expect.  Enjoy the occasion and leave producing technically perfect emotional images to the professionals at Hickory Photography.





We all have old photographs that we treasure, whether they are old family photographs passed on from previous generations, or historic photographs of the homes and towns we live in.


Even properly stored photos can succumb to the ravages of time and sometimes things happen to photos such as stains, rips and fading. We take pride in repairing any type of damage and will restore your memories to their previous glory.


With our state of the art digital tools and Master Artists, we can repair any kind of damage.  Whether it's a tear, a crease, water or mold damage, fading, or even if your photo is in pieces, we will restore it to it's former glory.


We understand that many old photographs are truly one of a kind. For your peace of mind, your images stay local.  Your images never leave our possession; they are never mailed or shipped away.



Picture Day For Professionals


A complete mobile studio will come to your office and create professional quality, consistent photographs of your entire staff.  Easily update your old images with consistent, galley quality professional images. Package includes one master CD for the office & an individual CD for each associate. Each CD contains one high-resolution printable image and a low-resolution image especially suited for Internet and email use.



Real Estate


Showcase your property to its full potential and help get the attention and motivate buyers with stunning photography that creates mood, atmosphere and desire. This is the perfect solution for agents that just don’t have the time, resources or skills to provide their clients with the best possible set of images.



Commercial Interior & Exterior Photography


Ensure that your clients recognize your business with snappy, clear and detailed images of your building facade, store front or office.  Our images capture all the nuances and detail you expect from professional, custom photography. We use state-of-the-art equipment and then process them with the latest technology to insure that you receive accurate, snappy images for use on your website or catalog.



Commercial Products


We allow you to increase sales through effective visual marketing by providing you quality photos of your products or services.  State of the art digital equipment captures all the nuances and detail of your product.  Your end result is an effective set of marketing images to set your product apart from the competition.


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